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DEHS publications, as listed below, are available from:
Keith Thrower, 9 The Conifers, Lyefield Court, Emmer Green, Reading RG4 8AQ.

For all Proceedings, please add £2.50 for UK delivery and 25% for overseas orders, to cover p&p. Cheques should be made payable to “DEHS”, except where shown.

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Proceedings of CHiDE/DEHS Annual Colloquia and Symposia:

DateTitlePricePrice to DEHS members
2015WW1 Papers: Looking Forwards, Looking Backwards£9.00£7.50
2014Chess: Electronic Warfare & Bomber Offensive in Europe
– an Attempt at Balance
2012Bound copies of papers from past
DEHS conferences:
1. Communications: Clandestine and Tactical
2012Bound copies of papers from past
DEHS conferences:
2. Communications: Strategic & General
2011CD-ROM of HISTEST2011 proceedings£6.00*£5.00*
2010Key Components for Electronic Warfare – The Lessons for
2010Origins and evolution of the Cavity Magnetron [Study Papers from the
CAVMAG2010 International Conference]
2010Origins and evolution of the Cavity Magnetron [CD-ROM
version of above]
2008Applications of Defence R&D£9.50£8.00
2007Government & Commercial Electronics R&D£8.00£6.50
2006Airborne Electronics£10.00£8.50
2005Electronics that Revolutionised Warfare£10.00£8.50
2004Battlefield Electronic Systems – Land, Sea and Air£8.00£6.50
2003Clandestine Radio Communications£10.00£8.50
2002Naval Electronics£8.00£6.50
2001Air Defence 1940-1990£8.50£7.00
2000The History of Guided Weapons£8.00£6.50
1999The History of Military Communications£10.00£8.50
1998History of IFF & DF£9.00£7.50
1997The History of Navaids£8.00£6.50
1996Topics in the History of Sonar£8.50£7.00
1995The Origins and dvelopment of RadarOut of print at present

Transmission Lines (Back Numbers):

DateTitlePricePrice to DEHS
Per volume/year (four issues)£6.00£5.00

Other Publications:

DateTitlePricePrice to DEHS members
1998The Beginnings of British Radar by Brian Callick£8.50£7.00
2011The Birth of British Radar – The Memoirs of Arnold “Skip” Wilkins
(Edited by Colin Latham and Anne Stobbs) – 2nd Edition.
See further details or order from the RSGB website.
+ p&p
+ p&p
2013The Prof, Churchill & Science at War – The life of F A Lindemann to 1945,by Russell W Burns.
Available to DEHS members from Simon Blumlein, 13 Heathfield Road, Petersfield, Hants GU31 4DG, or contact
incl. p&p
incl. p&p