Copies of the e-DEFENCE ELECTRONICS NEWSLETTER (eDEN) – produced by DEHS Chairman, Dr Phil Judkins – are circulated to every DEHS member having an email address.

A searchable and downloadable index to eDEN editions 1 to 100 is available [pdf] . This is in PDF form, searchable by Subject. Just open the document, hold down the “CTRL” key and type “F” – this will bring up a search box. Multiple results may be viewed by clicking the arrows adjacent to the search box.

To receive eDEN and future editions of the DEHS newsletter Transmission Lines, please apply for membership.

An extract from each eDEN may be viewed below.

2012 1: August2: September 3: October4: November5: December
20136: January7: February8: March9: April10: May11: June
 12: July13: August14: September15: October16: November17: December
201418: January19: February20: March21: April22: May23: June
 24: July25: August26: September27: October28: November29: December
201530: January31: February32: March33: April34: May35: June
 36: July37: August38: September39: October40: November41: December
201642: January43: February44: March45: April46: May47: June
 48: July49: August50: September51: October52: November53: December
201754: January55: February56: March57: April58: May59: June
 60: July61: August62: September63: October64: November65: December
201866: January67: February68: March69: April70: May71: June
 72: July73: August74: September75: October76: November77: December
201978: January79: February80: March81: April82: May83: June
 84: July85: August86: September87: October88: November89: December
202090: January91: February92: March93: April94: May95: June
 96: July97: August98: September99: October100: November101: December
2021102: January103: February104: March105: April106: May107: June